You should be in rehab – Uchenna Nnanna berates Blessing CEO over side chick remark

Uchenna Nnanna, a Nollywood actress, has slammed prominent self-acclaimed relationship expert Blessing Okoro, often known as Blessing CEO, for her opinions on having side chicks in marriages.

In a trending video on social media, Blessing CEO declared that side chicks are necessary to sustain marriages.

“Many marriages would be broken today if there were no side chicks,” she remarked. That is one truth we will face because many of these married ladies are unable to satisfy their spouses. It might not even be sexually motivated.

“Men are naturally daring. When a woman gets pregnant, a number of things happen to her. She’s not in the mood, and she’s quite busy. And the work is done by the side chick out there. Men will avoid marriage if there is no side chick to play that role.”

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In response to the viral film on Instagram, actress Uchenna Nnanna, who appeared dissatisfied with the speech, blasted the media for interviewing someone who should be in rehab.

“I blamed the media for interviewing someone who should be in a rehab home,” Nnanna remarked. “Common sense is rare.”

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