‘They shouldn’t have to do anything they don’t want to do,’ two sisters explain why they won’t send their children to school.

A pair of sisters said they will not send their children to school because youngsters should be able to choose when and what they learn. Kelsey Hall, 29, chose to withdraw her seven-year-old son, Logan, from school in March 2023 because he ‘hated’ going.

Kelsey’s sister, Rachel Andrew, 24, followed in her footsteps and claims she has no plans to send her children, Mila, four, and Ronnie, two, to school.

The mothers who have become homeschool teachers do not follow a rota or schedule, and they do not push their children to read or study. Instead, they do everything on the kids’ terms, such as baking, going along the beach, and visiting locations like the police station to teach the youngsters about common skills. Kelsey, a chef and content developer, decided to withdraw her son from school after noticing how much he dreaded going.

‘Logan despised school since the first day,’ she claimed.

‘On the way to school, he’d take his uniform off. It was terrible to deregister him.

‘We spent the first week simply doing fun things to get him used to not being at school,’ says the mother.

Kelsey claims that Logan has changed in just three months.

‘He’s so joyful and self-assured now,’ she remarked. ‘We do everything on his terms.’

Rachel, who lives ten minutes away from her sister, had always wanted to home school her children following her own school experience.

‘I was quite conscious of this life outside of school,’ she said.

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‘I was compelled to take lessons in which I had no interest. I had a lot of interests that I wanted to pursue.

‘I’ve never put my GCSEs to use.’

Logan has workbooks to help lead his learning, but his mother Kelsey will not push him to use them and is instead led by him.

‘We bake – he’ll read the ingredients and do arithmetic while weighing them out,’ Kelsey explained.

‘If he doesn’t want to read, we’ll walk to the beach, but then he’ll be reading all the signs,’ Rachel, a Whitehaven cook, added.

‘We go shopping and speak about money.

‘The kids enjoy rushing in the sea looking for jellyfish; they adore the sea.

‘They engage in free play. We provide them liberty.

‘We loosely focus on something, like this week was space,’ Kelsey explained. We will, however, do something else if the kids request it.


‘People often inquire, ‘Do you teach them anything?’ But they’ll have just viewed a film of them baking and looking at sea life at the beach.

‘We’re attempting to show people that homeschooling is a choice.’

Kelsey stated that they will give Logan the choice of taking his GCSEs if he so desires, and that they will pay for him to do so.

‘Exams don’t show how you were as a child,’ she remarked. Every day, we’re outside. Logan is now more eager to study.’

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