The government of Ekiti has banned a planned 72-hour kissing marathon.

The Ekiti State Government has declared a three-day kissing marathon to set a Guinness World Record in the state illegal.

A group known as Sugartee advertised in the state and on social media that the longest world kissing marathon will begin on July 7 at a renowned amusement park in Ado, the state capital.

However, in a letter dated July 3, 2023, and issued to the Ekiti State Hoteliers Association, the Ministry of Arts and Culture threatened to penalise any establishment that hosted the event.

The letter, signed by the Director of Tourism, Adebanji Adelusi, stated that the planned ‘Kiss-a-thon’ was capable of tarnishing the state’s image.

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The “Kiss-a-thon” event is not only ludicrous, immoral, unhealthy, and capable of tarnishing Ekiti’s image; it is also a programme that goes opposed to the ideals of the people of the state and, as a result, is capable of morally regressing our kids.

“As a result, the Ministry of Arts, Culture, and Tourism hereby prohibits such an event, as well as any similar events, in any facility that wishes to continue operating lawfully in Ekiti State.”

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