Nassarawa LG Chairman suspended in Kano for alleged fraud

Eight of the eleven elected councillors in Kano State’s Nassarawa Local Government Area have unanimously suspended the council chairman, Lawal Shuaibu Aranfoso, for reportedly leasing the area’s income section to a friend.

Other allegations levelled against the chairman include his utter disregard for local government while pursuing personal interests in Abuja and elsewhere, causing the secretariat to deteriorate into a shell of its former self.

Speaking on behalf of the other lawmakers, a councillor who did not want to be identified said that the chairman had abandoned the local government and basically relocated to Abuja since his election.

During their inquiry, he revealed that they uncovered that various revenue generation points of the council had been leased out to the chairman’s buddies without the knowledge of other council members.

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He went on to say that a close look at the local government, which was once a centre of tax generating and social services, reveals a dismal state of affairs.

“We have formed a high-powered investigation panel that will assist us in determining how much revenue has gone missing as a result of his friends who were illegally given collection rights,” he stated.

“We are also taking all necessary steps to support the people of Nassarawa, who are in desperate need of our assistance,” he added.

All attempts to contact the suspended chairman, including texting him, were futile because he refused to react to any enquiries.

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