Katsina State Governor Urges Swift Handling of Criminal Cases to Curb Escalating Crime

Katsina State Governor, Malam Dikko Umaru Radda, has issued a decisive directive to the State Administration of Criminal Justice Monitoring and Coordination Committee, mandating them to ensure the proper handling of all criminal cases recorded within the state’s judiciary.

The four judges whom he swore in include Nuraddeen Abdulmumini, Halima Lawal Bagiwa, Abdullahi Bara’u Faskari, and Maa’ruf Amiru Sanusi.

Governor Radda delivered this directive while presiding over the swearing-in ceremony of the four judges at the Government House Chambers early this morning. He also affirmed his commitment to the effective functioning of the state’s high court of justice.

In response to the escalating concern of suspects being released despite serious charges, Governor Radda, emphasized the imperative need for vigilant case management within the state’s judicial system.

Addressing this pivotal issue, Governor Radda expressed deep concern over instances where suspects, including bandits, terrorists, armed robbers, and rapists, were granted bail. He underscored the detrimental consequences of such releases, which have resulted in a surge of kidnappings, abductions, and the tragic loss of innocent lives.

Governor Radda underscored the importance of holding the legal fraternity accountable, noting that certain members of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) seemed to be exploiting the banner of fundamental human rights for self-serving agendas. He firmly asserted that these actions must not jeopardize the steadfast pursuit of justice and security within the state.

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In a concerted effort to bolster the efficiency of justice administration, the governor unveiled plans to amend two pivotal laws: the Katsina State Administration of Criminal Justice Law of 2021 and the Katsina State Penal Code Law of the same year. These amendments are specifically designed to foster a harmonious collaboration among justice sector stakeholders, expediting the resolution of cases encompassing arrest, investigation, and prosecution.

Governor Radda further signaled the forthcoming review of the Security Challenges Containment Order, with an emphasis on ensuring the accountability of informants who aid and abet criminal activities under the law. This critical measure aims to curtail support for banditry and its associated crimes.

Governor Radda extended commendations to the newly sworn-in judges: Nuraddeen Abdulmumini, Halima Lawal Bagiwa, Abdullahi Bara’u Faskari, and Maa’ruf Amiru Sanusi. He highlighted their exceptional records of professionalism, unwavering dedication, and unimpeachable integrity, attributes that merited their appointment through a rigorous and meticulous selection process. The governor implored the judges to view their appointments as a sacred call to duty, demanding steadfast dedication, unwavering professionalism, and unwavering adherence to their moral compass.

Ibrahim Kaula Mohammed,

Chief Press Secretary to the Katsina State Governor.

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