Katsina State Governor Initiates Groundbreaking Partnership with Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge UK

The Katsina State Governor, Malam Dikko Umaru Radda, Ph.D is set to revolutionize the healthcare sector in the state through a pioneering partnership with Wellcome Sanger Institute at the prestigious School at Cambridge, United Kingdom.

This collaboration aims to establish a center of excellence in Katsina, becoming the first of its kind in the northern part of Nigeria dedicated to combating infectious diseases.

Founded to sequence the human genome, the Wellcome Sanger Institute today is a biomedical research center recognized globally for undertaking large-scale science that forms the foundations of knowledge in biology and medicine.

Governor Radda’s recent visit to the Wellcome Sanger Institute showcased his commitment to improving healthcare and fostering international collaborations.

During his visit, the Governor was accompanied by esteemed individuals, including Ibrahim Ingawa, a student and scholarship recipient from the Federal University Dutsin-Ma (FUDMA), Dr. Aliko Mohammed, a lecturer at Cambridge University and Chatham House fellow.

Governor Radda was well received by the Chief Operating Officer of the institute, Dr. Martin Dougherty, and Prof. Nicholas Robert Thomson, the institutes Head of Parasites and Microbes Programme, both men provided valuable insights and assured the governor of their overwhelming support.

The Wellcome Sanger Institute at Cambridge is renowned for its expertise in research and its comprehensive approach to tackling infectious diseases. By harnessing this knowledge, Governor Radda aims to establish a state-of-the-art center of excellence in Katsina. This groundbreaking initiative will serve as a hub for cutting-edge research, advanced diagnostics, and innovative treatment strategies.

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The proposed center of excellence will address the pressing healthcare challenges faced by the northern region of Nigeria, specifically focusing on infectious diseases. Through strategic partnerships, the center will leverage the expertise of international and local researchers, healthcare professionals, and policymakers to develop sustainable solutions and strengthen the healthcare ecosystem in Katsina State.

Governor Radda expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with the Wellcome Sanger Institute marks a significant milestone in our efforts to transform healthcare in Katsina State. By establishing a center of excellence, we will enhance our capacity to combat infectious diseases and improve the overall health outcomes of our citizens. We look forward to working closely with international experts and local stakeholders to achieve our shared vision.”

He added: All Universities including the School of Hygiene, Oxford University, and Cambridge University are partnering with Wellcome Sanger Institute to conduct high-impact research. Therefore, a partnership with Sanger Institute is like building a network with all UK universities.”

The Katsina State Governor’s dedication to healthcare innovation and his proactive approach to fostering collaborations with international institutions highlight his commitment to improving the well-being of the people of Katsina. This groundbreaking partnership signifies a remarkable step forward in the state’s healthcare sector and positions Katsina as a leader in the fight against infectious diseases in Nigeria.

Ibrahim Kaula Mohammed,

Chief Press Secretary to the Katsina State Governor.

13th July 2023

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