Katsina State Government Empowers 2400 Youths to Secure Communities

In response to the prevalent issue of insecurity, the Katsina State Government has embarked on a strategic plan to recruit 2400 dedicated and capable youths who will bolster security efforts across eight Local Government Areas. On July 7, 2023, the Deputy Governor of Katsina State, Hon. Faruk Lawal Jobe, initiated the distribution of application forms to the respective Local Government Chairmen, marking a significant milestone in the state’s commitment to enhancing community safety and protection.

The local governments are Safana, Dandume, Danmusa, Sabuwa, Faskari, Jibia, Kankara, and Batsari local govt areas.

The recruitment drive, which aims to empower local communities and strengthen security architecture, has been a key campaign promise of Governor Dikko Umaru Radda. Under this program, eligible youths will receive comprehensive training and necessary equipment from experienced security officers, equipping them to safeguard the lives and properties of their fellow community members. A total of 303 youths will be engaged to work in tandem with security officers, supplementing their efforts.

During the launch event, Deputy Governor Faruk Lawal Jobe emphasized the Governor’s unwavering determination to address security challenges across Katsina State, particularly in the local governments severely affected by insecurity. He affirmed the government’s commitment to engaging young individuals who exhibit good character, possess strong ties to their respective communities, and are below 35 years of age.

Furthermore, Deputy Governor Jobe called upon local government leaders and all stakeholders to carefully select candidates who possess the willingness and capability to fulfill the objectives of the initiative. The success of the programme hinges on the collective effort and commitment of all parties involved.

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Highlighting the importance of the initiative, Arc. Ahmad Musa Dangiwa, Secretary of the State Government, emphasized that the recently held meeting with local authorities confirmed that the Katsina Community Watch Corps program would significantly improve security in areas where insecurity has become distressingly commonplace. The distribution of application forms signifies the commencement of the recruitment process, representing a crucial step toward achieving safer communities.

In his remarks, Arc. Ahmad Musa Dangiwa offered guidance on the recruitment process to ensure its success. He urged the selection of trustworthy individuals and provided valuable advice on appointing capable security officers to oversee the exercise. Following the meeting, members of parliament and local government leaders expressed their optimism regarding the positive outcomes that the program is expected to yield.

The meeting, held at the esteemed office of the Deputy Governor, was attended by esteemed members of the State Government, local government leaders, and other distinguished stakeholders, further highlighting the significance and collective commitment to this vital endeavor.

The Katsina State Government remains resolute in its pursuit of providing secure environments for its citizens, and this recruitment initiative stands as a testament to their dedication. As the program progresses, it is anticipated that the Katsina Community Watch Corps will enhance security measures and foster a safer and more prosperous future for the state and its communities.

Ibrahim Kaula Mohammed,
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor
July 8, 2023

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