Jack Ryan season 4 character explained

Chao Fah Sein is the head of operations for the Silver Lotus triad in Burma in Jack Ryan season 4. Chao Fah Sein is played by Louis Ozawa.

The Silver Lotus triad is a member of one of the world’s most elusive criminal organizations. Chao Fah Sein has been working for a long time to eliminate competition in Mexico and solidify Marquez’s cartel as the strongest.

A partnership between the Silver Lotus triad and Marquez’s cartel allows the triad to enter the United States. The triads have the means to establish a black market in this area, and they can transport anything from humans to suicide bombers.

Jack Ryan season 4 character explained

Chao Fah isn’t interested in any of this. He’s been trying to get out of this issue for a long time. Domingo Chavez, a CIA operative who was being misled, along with his black ops coworkers, to kill the triads’ competitors, becomes a buddy.

Chao Fah phoned Chavez once the tournament was over to inform him that the triads actually control his entire organization. They have a White House operative in their midst.

This individual has been ordering Chavez’s squads to go on operations that solely benefit the triads and are not in the best interests of Americans.


Chao Fah and Chavez reach an agreement. Chavez offers the safety of Chao Fah’s family in exchange for a name. Their first meeting is canceled because Jack Ryan shuts down all operations authorized by previous CIA director Thomas Miller, who is working with the triads.

Chao Fah becomes useful.

Chavez contacts Jack and requests that Operation Pluto be activated. When they discover they are on the same side, Chavez informs Jack about Chao Fah and the triads’ objectives.

Chao Fah can supply hard proof against the triads, and Jack Ryan now considers him a useful CIA agent. The CIA is under a lot of scrutiny right now. Walters, who used to be in charge of Domingo’s squad, utilized soldiers and CIA weapons to assassinate Nigeria’s President and open the gates to Lagos’ shipping lines.

If Chao Fah’s case is linked to the CIA, Jack intends to take the fall in order to protect the organization. Chao Fah, on the other hand, is doing everything he can to protect his family and concoct alibis to keep them safe until Chavez reaches him again.

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