Iyalla is appointed FOC of the Nigerian Navy Logistics Command.

Rear Admiral Baratuaipri Iyalla, the new Flag Officer Commanding (FOC), Nigerian Navy Logistics Command, Oghara, has committed to prioritise staff welfare and Navy equipment for best performance.

In a festive ceremony in Oghara, Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta, Rear Admiral Iyalla took over the command from the former FOC, Rear Admiral Olumuyiwa Olotu.

The ceremony included a parade and the final dropping of the outgoing Flag Officer Commanding’s (FOC’s) distinguishing flag to mark the end of Rear Admiral Olotu’s 17-month eventful term as Commander of the Command.

Rear Admiral Iyalla stated shortly after the official handover ceremony that he will take two approaches going ahead.

He stated that the strategy will be centred on the safety of his men and the equipment, with the former taking primacy.

“Without the men, machines will not function regardless of how perfect their conditions are,” says Rear Admiral Iyalla, “so the welfare of the men will be taken very seriously.”

The new Flag Officer Commanding (FOC), a former Chief Staff Officer (CSO) of the Logistics Command, also stated that the Command would ensure that the Navy platforms were in excellent working order so that the men could operate optimally.

“The entire functioning of the Nigerian Navy is dependent on the Logistics Command,” Rear Admiral Iyalla remarked. It is the Command’s responsibility to keep the machines operational and in good condition.”

According to the Nigerian Naval Logistics Command chief, the Command’s mission is to ensure that Navy equipment is in top shape at all times.

He stated that the Command would work tirelessly to ensure that the Nigerian Navy was rewarded for the trust given upon it.

The FOC stated that preventing crude oil theft was one of the tasks of the Nigerian Navy, but that it required operable platforms and men to carry out the responsibility.

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“We’re going to hit the ground running,” said Rear Admiral Iyalla. Our strategy will be twofold: one involving mankind and the other involving machines. We will make sure that the men’s well-being is prioritised. The machines will not function without the men, no matter how well-maintained they are.”

He went on to say that “the entire operation of the Nigerian Navy is dependent on the Logistics Command.” It plays an unusual function in ensuring that the Navy moves, soldiers live, and can fight since we are a combat force. We will ensure that the machines essential to carry out our objectives, such as ships, aircraft, boats, and armaments, are in excellent condition.”

Rear Admiral Iyalla thanked the Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Rear Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla, for appointing him as the FOC, saying it was a huge responsibility.

Previously, Rear Admiral Olotu, the Command’s outgoing FOC, commended the CNS for naming Iyalla as his replacement in the Logistics Command.

Rear Admiral Olotu, now Commandant of the National Defence College, recommended the new FOC to get started right away, emphasising that the Command had a major responsibility to the Nigerian Navy in ensuring our very existence in the country.

According to Rear Admiral Olotu, “the FOC should hit the ground running by continuing with the programmes designed to ensure that the Nigerian Navy has the platforms it requires for its enormous constitutional responsibilities.”

“The FOC, Commanders, and other staff should continue to work assiduously to ensure that the Nigerian Navy Fleet is available at all times to conduct operations at sea,” the outgoing Flag Officer Commanding stated.

While asking the personnel to cooperate with the incoming FOC, Rear Admiral Olotu recommended his successor to prioritise the wellbeing of his staff, emphasising that the machinery would be meaningless without them.

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