Davido’s manager apologises to the Muslim community after making an offensive video.

Davido’s Logistics Manager and socialist, Israel Afeare, also known as Israel DMW, has apologized to the Muslim community over the singer’s controversial social media video.

Remember how Davido was chastised for uploading a music video of his signee, Logos Olori’s new song ‘Jaye Lo,’ which showed people worshipping in an Islamic manner and dancing?

Following the uproar, Davido removed the contentious video off his social media profile.

However, the Muslim community continues to demand a formal apology from Davido.

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Israel DMW apologized on behalf of his boss in an Instagram story post.

Israel asserted that the film is entirely for entertainment purposes and was misrepresented.

“Let me especially apologize to my Muslim brothers and sisters, on the video my oga posted, as a result of him wanting to lift up someone, which is one of his hubbies,” he added.

“It was purely an entertainment effort that was presented incorrectly.” Make una vexing. “I adore you all.”

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