Birds destroy 75, 000 hectares of farms in Kebbi

At least 100 farmers reportedly incurred losses over the weekend when quelea birds attacked their farms in Kebbi State’s Argungu Local Government Area.

Quelea birds are hazardous parasites that can wipe out an entire farm in a day or even a few hours.

Over the weekend, the hazardous birds devastated over 75,000 hectares of rice farms, according to villagers.

The red-billed birds were thought to have migrated from Niger Republic.

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So far, Kebbi has been the only state hit by the threat of quelea birds. Agriculture specialists, on the other hand, are warning farmers in the northwest and northeast to be on the watch for invading birds.

They did, however, propose that the only way to address the threat of quelea birds is to do research and develop insect repellents that work without harming crops.

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