Andrew Ridgeley recalls seeing George Michael the last time before his death.

Although Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael’s tenure as a successful ’80s pop duo was brief by music industry standards, their relationship lasted nearly a lifetime.

A new Netflix documentary on their band Wham! is available today. and tells the story of how the two moved from being teen buddies to becoming the first Western pop act to perform in China. cbs58 reported.

Ridgeley spoke to People about his final days with Michael, who died on December 26, 2016, from natural causes at the age of 53, while promoting the film “Wham!”

Ridgeley stated that he and his companion met months before Michael’s death and engaged in an activity that helped bring them together – playing the board game Scrabble.

“He’d beaten me the week before, and I was exacting my revenge,” the musician claimed of his late pal. “It transported us back to the essence of our schoolboy friendship and one-upmanship.” It was a game that bothered him and me.”

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Michael, according to Ridgeley, was a major lover of the game, and they frequently got together to play it.

Ridgeley described the pair’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as “a great privilege.” He feels Michael would have felt the same way because “he understood the significance of accolades from his peers.” He has every right to be proud, and he deserves to be there.

“You know, he is a genuine legend and an icon of contemporary music,” Ridgeley continued. “I said in my BRITs tribute to him that he was a supernova in a firmament of shining lights and stars, and he was probably the finest singing voice and songwriter of his generation.” There weren’t many who could hold a candle to him.”

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