Ali Nuhu criticises Davido for approving his signee’s ‘offensive’ video as completely unacceptable.

Ali Nuhu, a popular actor, has chastised Davido for the contentious video for the singer’s signee, Logos Olori’s new track ‘Jaye Lo.’

As reported by DAILY POST, Davido received flak after uploading a small snippet of the music video on Twitter, which showed people praying and dancing in front of a mosque.

Nuhu responded on his Instagram page, saying the behaviour depicted in the video was “totally unacceptable in Islam.”

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The actor demanded that Davido remove the video and apologise to Muslims for “hurting” them.

“I just came across the controversial video by @davido,” he commented. “As much as we want to be creative in our various fields, we must learn to respect other people’s religion, culture, and tradition.”

“In Islam, this is completely unacceptable. You should remove that video and apologise to the whole Muslim ummah.”

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