Shop Owner Stabs Robber In Las Vegas Store Twitter Video (Shop Owner Stabs Robber In Las Vegas)

Shop Owner Stabs Robber Las Vegas Store Twitter is a popular video. After being posted on someone’s Twitter profile, the video of an Asian clerk stabbing a robber who had come to take his money was spread on social media. Many people are still searching for this video.

“In Las Vegas this week, a shopkeeper who identified as Asian-American stabbed and restrained a robber wearing a black mask. The companion of the robber abandons his pal. The robbery and stabbing are being looked into by police.” Andy Ngo published a tweet.

Shop Owner Stabs Robber Twitter Video

The 12-second video depicts the three criminals rushing to flee as the shop owner they had been robbing approached them with a knife. Despite their best efforts to flee, the Asian shop owner eventually caught one of them and repeatedly stabbed him.

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Many viewers of the video commented on it on Twitter, saying, “This is upsetting to see. The business owner was not defending himself because the thief did not threaten him with a weapon.

People should never take the taking of a life lightly. especially when it involves larceny committed without a weapon. Tweet by George

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