Egypt Shark Attack Video Footage Red Sea (shark attacks in Egypt’s Red Sea)

After Australia, a terrible deadly shark attack occurred in the Egyptian Red Sea resort city of Hurghada, where at least two women died instantly. After someone posted a clip on Twitter depicting how that woman was killed by a huge shark, footage of the Egypt shark attack went viral online. The video is currently trending across many social media platforms.

Egypt Shark Attack Video Footage 2022

An Australian woman, age 68, who was swimming in the Red Sea in Egypt was the first victim of this shark attack incident. A second woman was later discovered dead in the same water, also from a shark attack.

Egypt Shark Attack Video Footage

Many people found the footage to be extremely frightening after seeing it without blurring or censoring; this is the second significant shark attack to occur this year, according to an unidentified social media user who posted an Egypt Shark Attack Video Footage 2022 on Twitter.

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After a large shark killed a man in Sydney, Australia, months before to the shark attack in Egypt, many people are now reluctant to swim in large bodies of water due to the potential of shark attacks.

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