Zendaya Got Beaten Up Fight Video On Twitter, Zendaya fight video (Zendaya viral video twitter)

Many online users are now sharing the Zendaya fight viral video on social media after the footage was released showing someone hitting a woman who could possibly be a Zendaya. Zendaya Got Beaten Up Fight Video On Twitter went viral on Google as many people are wanting to view this video.

According to a TMZ story, the woman who was beaten up might be Zendaya, but no one knows for sure. The footage showed a man kicking a young woman who looked precisely like an American actress inside a business (Zendaya),

zendaya viral video

Many Twitter users who have already seen the video are now tweeting about what they’ve learned from it; here are a few examples.

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“First and foremost, I sincerely hope Zendaya is not being assaulted, and all of these niggas laughing about it are horrible fucking non-humans. That is unjust to everyone. It’s impossible to be saddened about a school shooting and then laugh at someone being attacked days later.”

“With the way you’re acting about this “Zendaya” battle video, you wouldn’t have survived the world star era.”

“I realize this isn’t Zendaya, but videos of nonblack women getting their faces pounded in never go popular, so I’m curious as to why everyone thinks it’s hilarious for black women to get their skulls bashed in on social media on a regular basis?” WATCH VIDEO HERE

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