Kansas City Police Shoot Pregnant Woman

Another devastating video went viral online after police in Kansas City shot a pregnant lady for no apparent reason. The Kansas City police shoot pregnant woman video on Twitter enraged many social media users.

She went on to say, “She was preparing to comply.” “They shot her as she ran. Count to four: one, two, three, and four!” Despite having her hands up, Kansas cops shot a pregnant Black lady five times, according to a witness.

Kansas City Police Shoot Pregnant Woman Video

According to a witness, a police officer ordered a woman to bend down, which she couldn’t since she was pregnant, and then shot her five times despite her hands in the air.

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“Again! Because she is pregnant, a black woman tells cops she is unable to lay on the ground. They fire a round into her. She was unarmed and held nothing.” a tweet from Laurie Garrett

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