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After the attack on Chrisean Rock, Blueface’s mom berates her son.

BlueFace, Chrisean Rock, and BlueFace’s family are still at odds. BlueFace’s mother and sister, Kaliewae, were beaten up by BlueFace and his associates, according to Chrisean Rock. Saffold immediately rushed to Instagram to explain what had transpired, writing, “All I know is that my son will never again bring that person into my home, and that is all that matters. Continue with your work.”

Saffold, on the other hand, hasn’t calmed down. She took to Instagram once more to chastise her kid for his actions. “Johnathan, you need help,” the mother wrote, “and if I have helped you in any way, I will seek forgiveness from God.”

“You brought that trash bag and her dog where I slept and paid rent by helping you create your business, and I requested you more than ten times to get her out of my face,” she said, likely referring to Chrisean Rock. “Like a cruel dog, you dumped that girl on me.”

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Saffold’s rant grew increasingly vehement. She wrote, “I never believed them about you, but now I see.” “You are the live demon with whom I became pregnant following my abortion.” She subsequently switched her attention to BlueFace’s financial misdeeds. “You haven’t paid me for working in that restaurant since September, despite the fact that my husband invested his own money. In court, I will see you.”

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