Video Texas Elementary School Shooting Reddit

Many individuals are searching for answers to these questions: who was the Texas school shooter? We have discovered who the Texas school shooter is as we write this post; read on for more information.

“OMG! A Texas school shooting has claimed the lives of 14 students and one teacher! repeatedly It’s as if these shooters have a list with their names on it, and everytime one of them strikes, they cross their name off the list until it’s their turn! “a tweet was sent

Texas Elementary School Shooting Reddit Video

The Texas school shooter’s name has been identified, according to Daily Mail reporting and some other people’s tweets about the Texas elementary school massacre on Reddit.


“Salvador Ramos, according to reports, is the Texas elementary school shooter. The Hispanic teenager, who was 18, attended a nearby high school. Even worse, before shooting up the school, he murdered his grandma…. Man, I’m speechless. For these parents, my heart is torn.”

Who Was The Texas School Shooter?

“A shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, killed 14 pupils and one teacher, according to Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The alleged shooter, an 18-year-old guy, is also dead, according to Abbott. Salavor Romas is his name.” check the Reddit post here

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