The Mirema Police Department has launched an investigation after the dramatic shooting that was captured on CCTV. Samuel Mugota

Detectives in Nairobi have opened an inquiry into the shooting of a middle-aged man in the Mirema district on Monday.

According to CCTV footage released on Tuesday, a man dressed in a cap and coat approaches the victim’s vehicle and pulls out what looks to be a weapon before shooting him.

Before escaping the scene, the assailant jumps into a waiting vehicle that had previously obstructed the victim’s path.

The victim, Samuel Mugota, had just dropped off a female friend previous to the event, according to sources.
Police have initiated a manhunt for the culprits, according to Kasarani sub-county Commander Peter Mwanzo, who claims to have obtained the vehicle’s number plate, which they are tracing.

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“We were able to pinpoint four rounds that killed the victim,” Mwanzo added.

The victim was not robbed, according to Mwanzo.

The cause of the victim’s death is unknown, but based on the goods collected from the man, it is assumed that he was murdered as a result of a deal gone wrong.

From the victim’s vehicle, police recovered phones, laptops, cash in various currencies, seven different national identity cards, and six wallets suspected of being stolen.

Later, the vehicle of the victim was driven to the Kasarani police station.

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