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Dj isa video vazados, photos and videos leaked and viral on twitter @terrordoestadoy Twitter

“Someone misinterpreted my post and told my father that I stated I didn’t have this and that [as a child].” I swear to God, I’ve never mentioned I was poor in my life. My father did not use social media, but I believe someone saw my post and inquired as to when this occurred.”

“In the year 2021, I was depressed. I had lost everything. I was out of the country and didn’t want to disturb him with my worries. This is a motivating article. I stated it had nothing to do with me because I grew up poor.” Ms Du told TshisaLIVE that her comment was misinterpreted.

Unbelievable DJ Choc, the father of Amapiano singer Lady Du, has apologized for a viral video of him chasing his daughter. He clarified that the video was given to a relative and not for social media in an articulation released on his Instagram.

@terrordoestadoy Twitter

“I filmed this video and shared it with a family member to convey my unhappiness with Mrs. Du’s claimed childhood recollections,” my daughter claims. He wrote, “These charges are frivolous and unfounded.”

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Dj isa video vazados, photos and videos leaked and viral on twitter, reddit

“What’s she up to now?” She did not grow up in poverty; she had all of her needs met. Because of me, she became who she is. He responded, “Today you treat me like a piece of garbage, but she can tell everyone she grew up poor.”

“He stated in his statement that he wanted to clarify his daughter’s growth record. My goal was not to cause any harm or to participate in the ensuing social media drama, but to clarify the situation. I admit, though, that I should have handled it better and apologize.”

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