Alabama corrections officer who escaped with inmate has died, Dramatic video captures

After a car pursuit that concluded with Vicky White dying from what is thought to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound, cops arrested Alabama murder suspect Casey Cole White and former jail boss Vicky White.

After police received a tip about the couple’s whereabouts, cops swooped in on their Cadillac in Evansville, Indiana, concluding a 10-day manhunt that began when she assisted him in escaping from prison.

As the sirens blared, the astonished man behind the camera gave a rapid account of the arrest.

“I swear to God, right now I’m looking at it!” “They just got him!” he exclaims over the phone, claiming that the two were apprehended in the parking lot of his company. “Holy s—, they finally caught him!” He’s been dragged out!”

Vicky was still in the car, according to him. She shot herself in the head while being apprehended, according to police, and was confirmed dead later.

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Authorities had learned that Vicky and Casey were staying at a hotel in Indiana and set up surveillance, according to US Marshal Marty Keely of the Northern District of Alabama. read more on NY post

Vicky donned a wig and drove the Cadillac with Casey out of the hotel. Police followed the automobile, rammed it, and it turned over, according to

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