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kundali bhagya written update

Prithvi exits the automobile in today’s episode. He’s caught red-handed by Preeta. She informs him that she is well aware that he is the mastermind and that Sandesh is nothing more than a pawn. He tells her that because Karan does not trust her, saving him is pointless. Srishti is speaking as if she is opposed to them, according to Sameer. She reminds him of his pre-Preeta familial situation. Preeta helped everyone, but no one helps her, she says.

kundali bhagya written update

She informs him. Preeta is unable to tell anyone anything till she achieves her aim. Maddy is a private investigator, she informs him, and she also tells him about Sandesh. Preeta is the one who arrives. He inquires as to why she failed to tell him the truth. He never gave her a chance, she tells him. He expresses regret. Preeta informs them that Prithvi is the brains behind the operation. When Prithvi notices Natasha, he summons Sherlyn to his room. Natasha is worthless, so he asks her what she’s doing there. Sherlyn informs him that she had requested that she leave in a week. He tells her that he can’t stand her for more than a few days.

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kundali bhagya written update

Natasha overhears this and informs Preeta that Prithvi is the one who ordered Karan’s detention. She claims to be aware of this and that making a contract with her is not foolish. Sameer breaks into the house, assaults Prithvi, and claims responsibility for Karan’s arrest. Preeta was spotted with a Karan fan who was allegedly involved in match-fixing, according to Prithvi. He claims she is the true criminal who is unconcerned about Mahesh’s death. She slaps him across the face. She goes after telling them she doesn’t have time to explain anything.

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