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anupama written update

Vanraj insults Anuj for not finding Anupama’s name on the puzzle before him in today’s episode. Bapuji informs Vanraj that locating Anupama’s name in the puzzle is pointless because he never noticed her during their marriage, and urges Anuj and Anupama to continue playing the game.

anupama written update

They discover each other’s names, as well as that of each family member. Malvika announces that the engagement is complete and then proceeds to get the rings. She panics because she can’t find the engagement rings and informs everyone. Everyone is taken aback. Malvika and Bapuji accuse and blame Vanraj. He claims he didn’t do it since he wouldn’t go to such lengths.

anupama written update.

Meenu appears and declares that she has the rings, which she was guarding. Malvika thanks her and sighs with relief before asking the couple to exchange rings. Vanraj claims he never expected Anupama to wear a diamond ring. Anuj tells Anupama that now that she’s with him, she’ll be getting a lot of unexpected stuff. With a grin, Malvika instructs Anuj to read his poetry first. Anupama is overjoyed as Anuj hears his poetry.

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anupama written update

Malvika orders them to replace the rings right away, and they do so. Except for Vanraj, Baa, and Kavya, everyone applauds them. Kanta appears and presents Baa with candy. Baa informs her that by gifting sweets, she has cursed her happiness and her life would be bitter. Kanta warns her that if she does not return her curse, she will have to become Goddess Durga and will not be spared. Kanta smiles as Baa pushes Kanta’s hand and the sweet falls on a tulsi plant. Anuj and Anupama hug each other as Baa becomes enraged.

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