Watch Video Of Lagos Girls Sleeping With Dogs Twitter Trending Video.

The strangest story ever to happen in Nigeria got viral online after a viral video about a The Lady Who Slept With Dog In Lekki Lagos Twitter Video, The Lekki Dog Saga Girl Video, went viral on social media. Many people claimed this girl did this shameful thing for 1.5 million dollars on Twitter, and many people said this girl did this shameful thing for 1.5 million.

Slay queen gets in on the topic of Lagos girls sleeping with dogs for money, saying, “Dogs are better than certain guys.” It all began when a Twitter user known only as ‘Just King’ expressed concern about Lagos girls having s**x with dogs for money.” tweet

The Lady That Slept With Dog In Lekki Twitter Video

Many Nigerian Twitter users think this viral video is hilarious. The Lady Who Slept With Dog is the most humiliating and distressing film they’ve ever seen on the internet, and it’s already gone viral on numerous social media platforms after many people heard about it and wanted to see it.

The girl was also seen on Twitter saying “Dogs are better than some men,” yet many news outlets claim she slept with a dog for 1.5 million Naira.

Lekki Dog Saga Girl Video

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“The video of a Lagos girl sleeping with a dog is only one of many obscene things they do. Health personnel in Lagos should be extremely cautious, and should not deal with any patient without proper protection, regardless of the pressure or how innocent anybody appears. Please pray for us.”

“These girls who sleep with dogs have serious boyfriends who have serious girlfriends, and nasty diseases are spreading like wildfire in Lagos! It’s simply too risky in today’s society to be fucking with complete strangers. What is this bikonu’s level of financial desperation? I’m not feeling well.”

For me, everything on social media is about “Yul Edochie” and Lagos females sleeping with dogs. However, I am not shocked because there is nothing new under the sun. I relocated from Lagos to Bayelsa when I was in primary school to live with my mother’s sister.

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