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rihanna breakup asap rocky

rihanna breakup asap rocky

There was a lot of backlash once the startling news about ASAP Rocky and Rihanna’s rumored breakup became public. The rapper allegedly cheated on the R&B singer when she discovered he was having an affair with shoe designer Amina Muaddi. After writer Louis Pisano penned the full story without any support from any source, the initial rumor gained traction. All hell broke loose over the next 24 hours, and one of the persons involved instantly came out to call this an obvious falsehood. Designer Amina Muaddi was the first to declare that the entire rumor was a malicious falsehood intended to harm all parties concerned.

Page Six and TMZ each published their own versions of the story not long after. TMZ claimed to have spoken with a person close to ASAP Rocky and Rihanna, and they instantly stated that the entire report was “100% untrue.” It wasn’t long before the person who first disseminated the allegation was harassed by Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s followers. Louis Pisano needed to issue a statement clarifying what he meant, but the harm had already been done. It will be nearly hard for him to recover as a writer; no one will believe another item he ever publishes.

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What was Louis Pisano’s response?

This is what Pisano had to say about it on Twitter: “Hello everyone, I’d want to speak with you about the matter. I made the mistake of tweeting some information I had received last night. I’m not going to disclose sources or point fingers at others for a debate that has already begun since, at the end of the day, it was my decision to create that tweet. I sent it out with my name on it after pressing send. As a result, I’d like to formally apologize to all those I’ve harmed as a result of my activities and for my sloppy tweets. I fully accept responsibility for my tweets and whatever hurt they may have caused. I have no excuse; I’ve been engrossed in Twitter drama for far too long.”

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