At least ten (10) people were shot, (21) were injured, and explosives were discovered in a subway station in Brooklyn.

An unnamed assailant wearing a gas mask busted open a smoke canister and then shot at least 10 passengers aboard a subway car during rush hour in New York City on Tuesday morning.

According to the hospital where sufferers were treated, the incident was one of the most violent in the history of the New York City subway system. In addition to bullet wounds, other individuals were injured as they raced in a panic for the 36th Street station’s exit in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood.

Officials have not determined the attacker’s motive or identity, although he has been described as a 5-foot-5-inch Black male wearing a green construction worker–style vest. Police are also looking for a U-Haul vehicle with Arizona license plates bearing the digits AL31408, according to numerous media sites. Continue Read on

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