A gunshot outside a high school in New York City killed a girl and injured two other teenagers.

Police sources told The New York Post that a 17-year-old Bronx kid has been identified as a “person of interest” in the deadly shooting of 16-year-old Angellyh Yambo.

Yambo was heading home from University Prep Charter High School when she was shot and killed. Two other teenagers, ages 16 and 17, were shot as well, but are expected to live.

A search warrant was served at the 17-year-house old’s early Saturday by homicide investigators and the NYPD crime scene unit. According to reports, a black pistol thought to be a ghost gun was found nearby.

According to the reports, the three victims were not buddies and were simply strolling in close proximity to one another when the bullets started flying.

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According to Bronx Detectives Chief Timothy McCormack, the incident began when a guy began “gesturing to somebody” across the street, pulled out a pistol, and began firing as schoolkids went by after class.

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