In Romania, a car hits the Russian Embassy gate, ki££ing the driver.

This morning, a car drove into the gate of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest, Romania, catching fire and killing the driver.

The car slammed into the gate at 6 a.m., but did not enter the embassy compound, according to authorities.

As security personnel hurried across the scene, video of the aftermath showed the automobile engulfed in flames.

A man dashed over to the burning debris, but the flames were too fierce to allow him to enter.

‘This morning, at 06.00, an automobile left the road and collided with the fence of a diplomatic post,’ according to a statement from the municipal police department.

‘The driver died, and it took the help of other firefighters to put out the fire that had started in the car.’

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Bogdan Drăghici, the leader of the father’s rights group TATA, was identified by Romanian 24-hour news station Digi 24. (Anti-Discrimination Alliance of All Dads).

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