The most sad event in the United States this week occurred when a 12-year-old girl accidently shot her 14-year-old cousin while doing a live video on Instagram, according to the 6mile. btc Two Cousins Twitter Video Download got viral on Google social media after many people learned about this tragic episode in which the Twitter females were referred to as cousins.

“It’s tragic because she realized her life was going to be over and the guilt so she took her own life too, it’s very sad,” remarked one online user who had already seen the horrifying footage. “Rest in peace, life is just just beginning and ending too soon,” someone wrote on Twitter.

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Many individuals are remorseful for watching this video because they feel sorry for the children and their family who lost two lives in a matter of seconds.

Two popular Twitter users (@6mile.btc) published this video on their profiles, which millions of people are looking to view online; we’ll give the direct URL at the bottom of this page.

We can’t upload the video about Twitter girls shooting cousins because it contains graphics; however, you can watch it on Twitter by clicking the link below.

Download Twitter video

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