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Mr Ibu, John Okafor, claims he was poisoned at a party in Abuja.

Mr Ibu, a prominent Nollywood actor, has disclosed that he was poisoned at a recent event in Abuja.

The movie star has been in the hospital for many days.

During a conversation with Saturday Beats, Okafor revealed this.

“I was just poisoned once again. It appears that my adversaries are rehearsing with me (their powers). I wasn’t poisoned in the village this time. Last week, I was poisoned during an entertainment event in Abuja. I’m not sure how I got poisoned because there was a group of individuals around, albeit it wasn’t a large gathering “he stated

“I’m recovering, despite the fact that I haven’t worked out or driven since becoming unwell.” However, I plan to go for a stroll this evening (Friday) in the hopes of feeling better. I’m eating well now, and I’m ready to return to set at any minute.”

Mr Ibu originally disclosed that he was poisoned by his own employees, who were hired by his critics, back in 2020.

People believe the belle is huge since neither I nor them drink booze. Since they gave me that poison, all the food I chop na little small meal na na na na na na na na na na na na na I don’t take medicine, so the thing hasn’t come down yet, and I can’t see my legs. I don’t want them to see my legs before I do “he stated

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He went on to relate how one of his colleagues poisoned him in his office and then abandoned him to die.

“They brought the first poison to my office, and I swallowed it. Nobody came to enquire why I was tumbling down. Even the workmen refused to enter, despite the fact that they could hear me stumbling around. In my bathroom, I vomited something “he stated

They paid them and provided them with sufficient funds to ensure that I was eliminated.” All of these plans come from Enugu, my townpeople, and people of all ages who are amazed that I can own stuff, build houses, and buy a house in Lagos. They were told to go murder me.”

Okafor is a Nigerian comedian and actor.

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