Bredasdorp video becomes viral on Twitter, Reddit

The story recently went viral on the internet that a violent battle is taking place between foreign nationals and Bredasdorp natives. Residents attacked spaza stores and foreign-owned property, resulting in violence on Thursday afternoon. Foreigners who had been staying in their localities had been ejected. Foreigners were now having difficulties in it. Local people have written a statement to the Cape Agulhas Municipality outlining their worries.

Video of Xenophobia in Bredasdorp

In the Overberg town of Bredasdorp, xenophobic tensions have erupted, with locals attacking foreign people who have been living there for a long time. They don’t care how long they’ve lived in their neighborhoods or whether they’re newcomers. They just wanted to leave their enclaves. The motive for doing so was unknown at the time. Perhaps there were some political concerns in that region, or some other explanation that has yet to be discovered.

The entire episode occurred on Thursday and lasted until the next day. Many police officers and army soldiers were stationed in the vicinity to ensure that the event did not escalate into a big crisis. Many stores and properties that will be owned by foreigners have been confiscated for some time. This has no idea what will happen to their stores next. Is their money going to be returned to them or not? It’s a mystery. Protestors had expressed unhappiness with the fact that foreign nationals in the area owned property and were employed by local companies, according to police spokesperson Joseph Swartbooi.

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Bredasdorp Xenophobia Video Viral on Twitter

A group marched into the local municipality to express their dissatisfaction with the management, handing a memorandum to a municipal delegate. As the party returned to their houses, splinter groups formed and diverted from the permitted route, resulting in chaos. According to the Swartbooi, police officers used little force to restore order.

He also claims that Bredasdorp officers would file a public violence report, but that it will be dismissed later and that no arrests will be made. Two foreign guys, 23 and 42 years old, were present. During the brawl, they were severely injured. They were now receiving medical care at hospitals. They both intend to leave this place as soon as possible and return to their respective homes. We will notify you immediately if any new information becomes available.

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