In New Orleans, a 73-year-old woman is dragged to death in a video.

At least four teenagers have been arrested after police in New Orleans discovered they killed an elderly woman while attempting to steal her vehicle. The video of the 73-year-old woman being dragged to death has gone viral online, with many people searching for the original video of the incident in New Orleans.

Frickey, Linda After adolescent criminals attempted to steal her vehicle, the 73-year-old grandmother was dragged to death (Gray 2022 Nissan Kick), The woman was pulled violently until her arm was ripped from her body, according to New Orleans police.

Video of a 73-year-old woman being dragged to her death

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The teenagers are seen wandering near a black automobile before attempting to steal Linda Frickey’s car, according to CCTV footage that has gone popular on the internet. According to witnesses, the woman became twisted in her seatbelt after being shoved from her automobile.

Many individuals who heard the news of Linda Frickey’s death stated she was a wonderful person who didn’t deserve to be killed, and that her parents had already phoned the police to turn them in.

Here’s a video of a 73-year-old woman being dragged to her death.

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