dontbuythesun is trending on Twitter after the death of Mr Ugly The Sun.

Death Of Mr Ugly, in which a man posted a story about The Sun newspaper mocking the death of his brother, who literally killed himself, is the viral keyword that is trending on Twitter right now in the United Kingdom and many other countries. The hashtags #dontbuythesun, #deathofmrugly, and #dontbuythesun are currently trending on Twitter.

After hearing the story about what that man claimed The Sun did to his brother’s death, many Twitter users have started using the hashtag #dontbuythesun.

According to Andrew Jackson’s tweets, The Sun published an article about a man who killed himself, which was his brother, but what irritated him was how they mocked his brother’s death with a headline.

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“My brother killed himself, he suffered from body dysmorphia, They ran a story with the headline “Death of Mr Ugly” #dontbuythesun,” a man named Andrew Jackson explained on Twitter. According to Jackson: Here’s a link to his tweet

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