Video of the Forest Road Bodaboda riders assault a lady.

After a traffic incident along Forest Road, Kenyan Boda Boda riders taunt a female driver in a viral video.

The video, which has already gone viral, has sparked outrage in Keny over increased insecurity.

After watching the genuine Boda Boda Assault Video that was published on numerous social media sites, many internet users were enraged.

On Monday, March 7, 2022, a video taken by an unknown individual during the event went viral, showing how a swarm of young men roughed up the lady driver as they attempted to pull her out of the vehicle.

Viral Video of a Woman Being Assaulted by BodaBoda

When BodaBoda guys tried to pull her out, she screamed for aid, and her clothing were almost destroyed in the process. After witnessing an attack video, many Kenyans have condemned the Boda Boda Riders for an event that occurred on Forest Road.

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Many internet users had previously uploaded the viral video of a lady being assaulted by a Boda Boda.

watch the video below

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