Video: A brawl erupts as a lady interrupts her husband’s wedding to his second wife.

Nigerian lady in Minna, Niger state, caused a commotion recently when she disrupted her husband’s wedding to his second wife.

Northern Hibiscus, who posted about the story on Instagram, said:

The first wife allegedly attended the husband’s event while he was dating another woman, according to the story.

Toh uwargida wanted to prove that she owned her husband, so she sat on his lap while taking a picture.

First wife falls after husband pushes her.

The first wife has become a source of annoyance for him.

She got up and accidentally hit Amarya. The dangi of Amarya retaliated.
Har sai da aka yaga mata kayan dake a jikin ta was mercilessly beaten.

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Despite the fact that she did not go down without a fight. A true warrior.

This occurred in the state of Minna, Niger.

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