2 Missing As Flood Takes Over Katsina Underpass

Heavy rains in Katsina State’s capital have inundated the Kofar Kaura underpass road, which was built by former Governor Aminu Bello Masari late last year, 2022.

The flood also killed two people in Katsina City’s neighboring town of Sabon Ungwa.

Hamza, a Sabo Ungwa native, said his teenage friend was among the victims, and an 8-year-old was also swept away by the river. Leadership reported.

“This happens inside Gadan-Na-Yalli inside Sabon Ungwa,” he explained. When my friend, a 19-year-old kid, drowned, his parents and others tried in vain to save him from the ocean. Already, a search crew has been dispatched to look for his body.”

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However, the terrible flood, which rose above the channels built as a waterway, entered people’s homes and shops.

The same was true in the Tudun Katsira, Goma, Sabon Ungwa, and Sabo Kasuwa areas of Katsina.

Residents of the area claim that the Contractor underestimated the surge of water in the Kofar Kaura area, resulting in the issue, and they are urging the government to send engineers to survey the area and find a long-term solution, or else it will pose a serious challenge in the future.

The authority has made no remark on the matter at the time of this report.

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